Everything you and your child need in terms of nutrients

Finding out you are pregnant is both an exciting and stressful feeling. Exciting because this is the start of a new chapter in life with a new addition to the family. Stressful because the daily life changes.

Folate, iodine and omega-3

When you become pregnant, the need for nutrients increases, and it can be difficult to get the nutrients the body needs for mother and child to be as well as possible. It is particularly important to ensure that the body has optimal amounts of folate, iodine and iron.

It is recommended to start with folate as soon as you plan pregnancy and throughout the pregnancy. Folate is a B vitamin variant that is important for the production of new cells and contributes to the normal development and growth of the foetus. Supplementation of folate also reduces the risk of neural tube defects and spina bifida in the child. 

En spent storebror gir mammaens gravidmage en suss
It is recommended to start with folate as soon as you plan pregnancy and throughout the pregnancy.

Iodine is important for the production of thyroid hormones, which are crucial for the child’s growth and development of the nervous system. Adequate supply of iodine ensures that the fetus receives the hormones needed for proper development. 

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the normal development of the fetus’s brain and eyes. It can also help with the hormonal changes of the mother, which affects energy, mood and the general psyche. If the mother is well, the child is well. 

The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends an increased intake of nutrients during pregnancy. You have an extra person in your body, so it is logical that you get a greater need. It is important that the child gets enough nutrition to grow properly, so that no problems arise along the way, says Rose Truong, who is a temporary pharmacist and has worked in a pharmacy for 10 years.

Strict requirements

Understandably, several people are skeptical about nutritional supplements. The Lifeline Care series has been developed by Norwegian doctors and pharmacists, and is sold exclusively in pharmacies. In 2008, Lifeline Care became the first complete dietary supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and we want to continue and make life a little easier in an already hectic everyday life. 

There are strict requirements for a dietary supplement to be approved for sale in pharmacies. Quality assurance is comprehensive and is decided by a specialist department, and the entire process of approving a product takes approximately six months. At the pharmacy, you have the opportunity to get good, professional advice from the pharmacy staff, which is absolutely the safest for you and your child. 

It is important to remember that a nutritional supplement does not replace a varied diet, but rather is a supplement to ensure optimal intake of important nutrients. A healthy and balanced diet combined with nutritional supplements, regular follow-up by healthcare personnel and a healthy lifestyle, helps to support both your own health and the development of the foetus. 

Et smilende par holder en positiv graviditetstest
The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends an increased intake of nutrients during pregnancy.

Related product

Lifeline Care Pregnant is specially developed for you who are pregnant. It is an all-in-one dietary supplement that is adapted to the Nordic health authorities’ recommendations for folate, iodine, omega-3 and all the essential vitamins and minerals both mother and child need throughout pregnancy. 

Throughout pregnancy, it is important to have enough of these nutrients. And instead of four different products, I can recommend buying a dietary supplement that has everything in one and that is adapted to the pregnant woman’s needs, explains pharmacist Truong.

Lifeline Care sitt kosttilskudd for gravide
Lifeline Care Pregnant is specially developed for you who are pregnant.

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